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A Letter Dated May 23rd, 2006

Nearly a quarter-century ago (!) I began my commodity trading and teaching career using three price charting services: Dunn & Hargitt, Commodity Price Charts, and (the best of the three) Commodity Research Bureau (CRB). There were features I liked about each one, but none had every feature I wanted, and that would have helped me, in my trading and teaching. So 12 years ago I began publishing my own price charts that had every feature I wanted and needed in my trading, and called it U.S. Chart Company. (We just passed issue #600!)

Dunn & Hargitt stopped publishing commodity charts many years ago, and CRB recently purchased Commodity Price Charts. CRB is an institution in the futures and financial industries and has been publishing continuously since 1934. Not only is CRB known for its legendary CRB Index commodity futures contract (whose price charts you'll find included in U.S. Charts' weekly chartbook), its famous CRB Commodity Yearbook sits on every serious investor's bookshelf. CRB also offers an incredible array of online resources and trading tools. CRB continues to lead the pack and set the standard in the financial/commodity industry.

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As of May 1, 2006, CRB has taken over all aspects of U.S. Charts and the World's Greatest Business™ and will continue producing them exactly as you and I have come to love them! I continue to consult with CRB and create new product for your benefit which will now be offered through CRB/U.S. Charts. So stay close to CRB/U.S. Charts!

For example, my latest and greatest DVD: "My Favorite Market Now!" seminar/workshop will be available to you exclusively through CRB/U.S. Charts!

This is a very special meeting I conducted and professionally video taped here at my Company Classroom in Grants Pass for just 12 people who each paid $1,495 to attend. I took them by the hand --- all the way from kindergarten to college! --- and led them through the most opportune market I've ever seen in commodities! (Hint: Imagine silver at 6-cents/ounce, gold at $3/ounce, copper at less than 2-cents/pound, wheat at 6-cents/bushel, coffee at less than 1-cent/pound, and sugar at less than 1/3-cent/pound! That's the kind of opportunity we're presented with now --- and margin is less than $100 for a full-size contract!) In fact, I present 8 different and practical ways to trade this ultra-extreme market as part of this special seminar/workshop on DVD.

I'm finishing the editing process now, then we send it out for high-quality duplication. CRB/U.S. Charts will make it to all active subscribers starting in July at an exclusive price just for you! (If you're not currently an active subscriber,
and get on board! Don't miss "My Favorite Market Now!"!!)

Although I helped conceive, develop, and launch The Option Value Indicator ™ (TOVI™ ), I am no longer an owner of Market Valuation Institute (the company that owns and operates TOVI). TOVI continues on uninterrupted at, and I wouldn't trade options without consulting TOVI!

I'm also no longer an owner of Grand Central Trading Company, but it's a brokerage I'm proud to have been involved in the formation of. It was founded with my personal commodity broker of over 12 years upon the very best principles and practices we believe constitute a great brokerage. GCT remains online at, and I would include them when interviewing potential commodity brokers.

And so, as I expand my horizons and do more writing, speaking, and consulting without the weight and responsibilities of a corporate structure, tonight's will be my last regularly scheduled Let's Talk Trading™ Chat. CRB has ably taken over all operations, including the same solid-gold team of talented, capable people I hand-picked and trained to help me serve you all these many years! So from your point of view, not much has changed at all --- except that it's all just gotten even better! We're in great hands . . . ! (And don't miss CRB's next regular monthly Trading Chat featuring Trader Jim Tuesday, June 6th, 6:pm Pacific Time. Trader Jim's been my Company Trader and ever-popular Trading Camp leader for over 12 years now. I taught him everything I know!)

"Now that I'm not running a large company, what am I going to do with all my spare time?"

Well, I'm going to think . . .

I'm going to write . . .

I'm going to speak . . .

I'm going to consult.

And a large part of "expanding my horizons" involves dedicating more of my time and energy to my Ultimate Technique for Success Course.
Ultimate Technique for Success

While it's true that, as Thoreau said, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them," we all ultimately desire to simply love what we do and do what we love. So simple, but so elusive . . . . My UTS Course is the fastest, most direct route to that dream. It's the shortest distance between you and what you love to do! It is, in fact, what every successful person did . . . !

Major benefits of enrolling in my powerful, 3-month UTS Course include 1) A monthly online RoundTable Meeting (the next one will take place Tuesday evening, June 13th, 6:pm Pacific Time), and 2) A private, Members-Only email address to communicate with me directly during your Course Membership! (Disclaimer: I love providing this personal, one-on-one service, and will continue to do so as long as my time allows.)

In closing, I want you to know that you are near and dear to me. It's been my honor, privilege, and joy to serve you all these many years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So goodbye for now, God bless, and . . .

. . . Onward & Upward!

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